Fresh meat
from own farms

All traditional products are made with the highest quality meat from farms in Valcea county and its surroundings.

Modern equipment

Meat processing is done using the most modern equipment available on the market.

traditional products

The products of Ca Altadata brand are traditionally certified and based on ancient recipes from Romanian cuisine.

Goodies from
foothils of the Carpathians

In the old days, man ate only what nature provided easily. Food was cooked from vegetables and meat from one’s own garden, and recipes were adapted to the seasons and geographical area.

Our founders grew up close to nature, with health in their cheeks. Moving to the city didn’t change their past, habits and food pleasures.

New product: meat
in the pot

Preparation: the pieces of leg, shoulder and cutlet are smoked, mixed with smoked sausages from the ax and with condiments and then fried. It is delivered in bulk, in an eco-friendly ceramic pot, glass jar or in vacuum bags, with or without lard.

Project financed with non-reimbursable European funds through the National Rural Development Programme (NRDP). The National Rural Development Programme is implemented by the Agency for Rural Investment Financing, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The PNDR is financed by the European Union and the Romanian Government through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.